The intuitive app that simplifies tip tracking for service industry professionals and freelancers. Stay organized, gain valuable insights, and take control of your tip income.

“No more struggling to remember the details or relying on scattered notes. With MyCoins, you can easily input your tip amounts, categorize them by cash or credit cards, and even add specific notes for each tip. Stay organized, gain insights into your tipping patterns, and make informed financial decisions.
Our objective is to revolutionize tip tracking for service industry professionals and freelancers. 
We strive to provide a user-friendly app that simplifies the process, eliminates the hassle of manual record-keeping, and empowers individuals to effortlessly manage and maximize their tip income.
Our goal is to help users stay organized, gain valuable insights into their tipping patterns, and make informed financial decisions.


25 years old. waitress in a fast food restaurant

Pain Points:
  1. Challenge of accurately tracking and managing her tips income.
  2. Relying on manual methods or scattered notes can be time-consuming and prone to errors, causing frustration and added stress.
  1. Accuracy: she can ensure the accurate recording of their tip income, eliminating the risk of underreporting or forgetting earnings.
  2. Maximizing Earnings: By having a clear overview of her tip income, she can identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to maximize her earnings.


32 years old. Bartender in a night club
Pain Points:
  1. Lack of Insights: Without a systematic way to track and analyze tip earnings, bartenders may miss opportunities to identify trends, understand peak earning periods, or adjust their strategies to maximize their income.
  2. Cash Handling: Dealing with cash transactions can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Counting and managing cash tips during busy shifts can be overwhelming, leading to potential mistakes or loss.
  1. Performance Insights: MyCoins provides bartenders with valuable insights into their tipping patterns. They can analyze trends, identify peak earning periods, and make informed decisions about scheduling, upselling techniques, or menu recommendations to maximize their income.
  2. fficient Cash Management: MyCoins streamlines cash handling by providing a digital platform to record cash tips received. Bartenders can quickly input cash tips into the app, reducing errors and saving time during busy shifts.


the ultimate tip tracking app designed to solve the challenges faced by individuals who regularly receive tips. By using MyCoins, you can finally take control of your tip tracking experience. Whether you’re a bartender, server, rideshare driver, or anyone who relies on tips, this app provides the solutions you need to stay organized, maximize your earnings, and gain a deeper understanding of your tipping habits.

Daily Tips Total
Record of tips entered for the day, providing users with a clear and concise summary of their daily earnings and helping them stay on top of their earnings.

Quick Tip Registration
Direct access and always in sight to be able to record the tip obtained quickly and efficiently. This feature allows users to easily enter their tips without interrupting their workflow.

Cumulative Total Tips
Cumulative total of tips charged since the start, allowing users to quickly see how much they have earned in tips since they started using the app.

Income Statistics
Income statistics by day, week, month or year, giving users a complete picture of their tip income and helping them identify trends and patterns in their earnings.

Tip Categorization Possibility of identifying if the tip is in cash or credit card, allowing users to keep an organized record of their income according to the payment method.
Personalized Notes RHave the option to add a note or description to the tip, making it easy to remember specific details related to each tip, such as the customer or the service provided.
Complete Income History History of all tip income uploaded, providing users with a detailed, easy-to-review record of all their tip income, making it easy to review and analyze their income over time.